Why Us?
Datasafe, which digitizes your documents quickly and securely to provide you with excellent service quality and high efficiency in your business, is always by your side.
Save Financially
Get rid of burdens such as infrastructure and personnel employment for your documents that are legally required to be stored.
Create More Space in Your Office
Get rid of the worry of creating more space for your growing archive.
Enhance Your Security and Privacy
Manage your requests over the web archive with passwords sent only to authorized persons.
High Security Monitoring
Security Policy Standards
Constantly Updated
Physical and Virtual Protection System
  • As an Archive Management Center, a building specially designed with earthquake-resistant steel shelving system suitable for archive management.
  • Authorized card access system for each area. Logging of all accesses.
  • NFPA standard regional operational Sprinkler (ESFR) fire extinguishing system (on each floor, between shelves and boxes), supported by 3 special pumps (diesel, electric, and jockey pump).
  • A destruction machine capable of destruction according to European standards through shredding method and a special area with no electricity and no risk of fire for storage.
  • Continuous recording ability throughout the day with 110 closed-circuit cameras. Specially trained permanent live security and continuous outdoor lighting.
  • Preservation with special archive boxes resistant to water, moisture, and impacts, smoke detectors and early warning systems, temperature and humidity control, pest control.
  • Provision of ideal storage conditions where our clients can store their backup cartridges (LTO), equipped with FM 200 gas extinguishing system, magnetically protected, air-conditioned, humidity and shock sensor equipped areas can be allocated.
  • Professional Indemnity, Information Security Insurance (a first in Turkey), ISO 9001, ISO 27001 certification.